Answers to the questions of Stage II of the Competition
Recommendations of the Competition Jury for works qualified for Stage II
Announcement the verdict of stage I of the Competition
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Rules of the Competition for the Conceptual Urban and Architectural Design of the International Centre for Music in Żelazowa Wola
Attachment 1. Model form of a Competition admission application
Attachment 2. Standard form of a European Single Procurement Document
Attachment 3. Relevant provisions of the Agreement on the preparation of the Design Plans and Specifications constituting an in-detail development of the Competition Entry as the subject of the Agreement under a single source procurement procedure, including information on expected costs of the implementation of works carried out on the basis of the selected Competition Entry and the costs of the performance of the subject of the contract
Attachment 4. Models of Powers of Attorney to represent Competition Participant/ Participants
Attachment 5. Stage I identification card
Attachment 6. Stage II identification card
Attachment 7. Confirmation of submission of Stage I Competition Entry
Attachment 8. Confirmation of submission of Stage II Competition Entry
Attachment 9. Declaration on the costs to execute the works on the basis of the Stage II Competition Entry and estimated costs of the performing the contract
Attachment 10a. Front-End Engineering Design containing urban, architectural, functional and acoustic guidelines
Attachment 10b. Current contour map for design purposes (AutoCAD)
Attachment 10c. Decision No. 1.2017 on the location of a public purpose investment of 20 February 2017 issued by the Commune Mayor [Wójt Gminy] of Commune Sochaczew
Attachment 10d. Geotechnical Survey Report
Attachment 10e. Decision No. 892/D/TC-U/16 of the Regional Water Management Board [Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej] in Warsaw,
Attachment 10f. Letter No. PZD.D2.4140.45.2016 of the Sub-regional Roads Board in Sochaczew
Attachment 10g. Greenery Report
Attachment 10h. [Extract and Excerpt from the Land Register for the plots purchased by the NIFC]
Attachment 10i. Model Table for the Basic Programme and Site Summary
Rules of Procedure of the Competition Jury